Bronze Trophies

Fine bronze artwok from sculptures to trophies to awards and plaques.

Bronze Trophies

The best selection of Golf Bronze Trophies in the U.S.

Sculptures we have created and bronze trophy cups replicated after original silver and pot-metal trophies dating back to 1855.

  • 1855 Tom Morris Cup

    size and prices to right

    Size "Perpetual14 ½"

    1855 Tom Morris Cup

    Our oldest cup is modeled after an 1855 trophy given by the Ridgway Coursing Club to its Champion.  Coursing is a sport where a man and two dogs chase a hare or other game for the sport of it, not to kill.  Tom Morris, Sr. (1821-1908) earned the nickname "Old Tom Morris" and was one of the pioneers of professional golf.  Old Tom won the 3rd British Open at Prestwick in 1862 by a margin of 13 strokes.  That record stood as the largest winning margin in a major until Tiger Woods won the 2000 U.S. Open by 15 strokes.  

    The model is the oldest trophy I have ever purchased and has by far the most detail of any of our trophies.  

    This trophy is currently available in four sizes:

    Perpetual: 14-1/2" Tall $1,975.00
    Awards: 9" $625.00, 8" 325.00, 7" $225.00

  • 1865 Lincoln Cup

    size and prices to right

    Size "Monster Perpetual 19"

    1865 Lincoln Cup

    The original cup was made in 1865 and was awarded in Canada for outstanding marksmanship.  Notice the canadian leaves on the bottom of the cup.  This cup was named after the 16th U.S. President, Abraham Lincoln, famously known as "Honest Abe" an accomplished marksman having grown up in the backwoods of Kentucky.  

    This trophy is available in four sizes:

    Monster Perpetual: 19", 45 lb.  $6,695.00
    Perpetual: 8 1/2" $1150.00
    Awards: 7 1/2" $695.00, 5 1/2" $350.00

  • 1886 Patty Berg Cup

    size and prices to right

    Size "Monster Perpetual 21"

    1886 Patty Berg Cup

    In 1886 this trophy was given in Maine for the best apples and bovines (a cattle species). The original cup had grapes on the top lip.  We added grapes to the rest of the cup.  Patty Berg was a founder of the LPGA and a tour member from the 1940's to the 1960's.  She won the inaugural U.S. Women's Open in 1946 and won a total of 57 LPGA events.

    This Cup is available in five sizes:

    Monster Perpetual: 21" 35 lb. $4,900.00
    Perpetual: 12" $1150.00
    Awards: 9" $625.00, 7-1/2" $285.00
    6" $235.00

  • 1900 Vardon Cup

    size and prices to right

    Size "Perpetual 13"

    1900 Vardon Cup

    This cup is modeled after a unique racing cup known as the Herald Cup given away in the early 1900's on Thanksgiving Day in Yonkers, New York.  In 1900, Harry Vardon became the first foreigner to win the U.S. Open at the Chicago Golf Club.  The British Open was won that year at St. Andrews by John Henry Taylor (known with Vardon and James Baird as the fabled "Great Triumvirate").

    This cup is available in four sizes:

    Perpetual: 13" tall (12" wide at the handles) $1,750.00
    Awards: 9" $825.00, 7 1/2" $425.00
    5 1/2" $225.00  

  • 1902 Roosevelt Cup

    size and prices to right

    Size "Perpetual 18"

    1902 Roosevelt Cup

    This trophy, like the Vardon Cup, was modeled after a racing cup.  The original trophy had and inscribed date of 1902.  That year, Theodore Roosevelt was serving as the 26th U.S. President.  He was a hunter with the nickname "Trust Buster" but better known simply as "Teddy".

    The perpetual version of this cup is available with an animal head on top (bear, eagle, moose, buffalo, elk, or deer).

    This cup is available in four sizes:

    Perpetual 18" (14lb.) $1,625.00
    Awards: 10 1/2" $775.00, 9" $490.00
    7" $325.00

  • 1920 Walter Hagen Cup

    size and prices to right

    Size "Perpetual 12"

    1920 Walter Hagen Cup

    Originally known as the Match Play Cup, this trophy is circa 1920.  It was named after Walter Hagen because he was a great match play competitor.  The PGA was a match play event until 1958.  Hagen won the PGA Championship in 1921 over the first champion Jim Barnes.  He also won it in 1924, 1925, 1926 and 1927 and was runner-up to Gene Sarazen in 1923.  Jack Nicklaus is the only other 5-time PGA winner, all after 1958.  

    Note the logo for "Stone Canyon" on this trophy."  Most of our trophies can be personalized with your logo!

    This trophy is available in three sizes:

    Perpetual:  12" $1,625.00
    Awards: 9" $625.00, 7" $475.00

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