Hole in One Trophies

Fine bronze artwok from sculptures to trophies to awards and plaques.

Hole in One Trophies

The best selection of Golf Bronze Trophies in the U.S.

Hole in One trophies available in many options from shadowboxes, to bronze golf bag sculptures, carrying bronze golf clubs with the hole in one information. Display in your clubhouse, home or office!

  • 1 Hole in One Shadow Box

    price $250.00

    Size 13 1/8 x 20 1/4

    1 Hole in One Shadow Box

    The shadow box may be the nicest and most unique hole in one award on the market.  It features a picture of the hole in one hole behind glass.  What sets it apart from other hole in one awards is the bronze golf club with the hole in one information engraved on the club head ~ name, date, hole number and club used.  The club appears to be behind the glass standing on a bridge.  However it is actually in front of the glass. This optical illusion makes it readily available to hand to family and friends.  The award is also available with an option to display the golf ball used to score the hole in one as pictured to the left.  

    Available in three sizes- As pictured to the left in 1/3 life-size, 1/2 life-size and miniature 1/4 life-size.

  • 1 Hole in One Shadowbox Without Club


    Size "13 1/8 x 20 1/4"

    1 Hole in One Shadowbox Without Club

    A less expensive option to the shadowbox with a bronze club.  This shadowbox allows you to still display the ball, and comes with an engraved plaque stating the information for the hole in one!

    Provide us with photography of your golf holes or we will recommend a number of excellent photographers to come shoot your golf course!  

    If you provide the photography for us we will print and you will receive a 5% discount.

  • Double Eagle Award

    price $650.00


    Double Eagle Award

    For those lucky enough to make a double eagle!

  • Eagle Claw



    Eagle Claw

    Another unique hole in one award is the eagle claw.  The hole in one golf ball or (eagle ball) can be slipped into the claw, and a bronze engraved plaque provides all the essential information.

  • Hogan Golf Bag 1948

    size and prices to right

    Size "Perpetual 16"

    Hogan Golf Bag 1948

    The Hogan Golf Bag was first made by the Ben Hogan Company around 1948.  This piece was modeled after an alligator bag from "The Granddaddy" at Pine Lakes Country Club in Myrtle Beach.  The perpetual is large in mass and works well as a club championship or hole in one trophy. In 1948, Ben Hogan won both the U.S. Open at Riviera Country Club and the PGA Championship at Norwood Hills Country Club.

    We have several different golf clubs that fit the Hogan golf bag.  These clubs can be engraved with hole in one information to find a permanent resting place at your golf club.  Most clubs start with one bag and once it is full of hole in one clubs, they purchase additional bags and in many cases a bag for each par 3 hole.

    This bag is available in four sizes:

    Perpetual: 16" & 18 lb. $2,600.00
    Awards: 10 1/2" $655.00, 7 1/2" $375.00
    6" $275.00

  • Hole In One Bag


    Size 1/3 Life Size

    Hole In One Bag

    This Hole in One bag can carry a multiple of 1/3 life size golf clubs, engraved with the hole in one information to display in your clubhouse, home or office.  These are the same size clubs that go in the shadowbox hole in one award.

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